Member Application

Thank you for considering a membership in the Marquette Chamber of Commerce. Working together with all of our members we make our community great. Please review the membership options, fill in the required fields, select the membership level that fits and submit. Thank you!

Our membership packages are for any businesses, organizations or government entities. We have a sliding scale of rates based on the size of your organization estimated by number of full time equivalent employees, including the owner, in the Marquette area. Please consider part time employees as 1/2.

1-5 Employees: $265.00

6-20 Employees: $435.00

21-50 Employees: $685.00

51+ Employees: $1,090.00

Sole Proprietor: $165.00

This level is for small businesses under $100,000 in gross revenue regardless of employees.

Non Profits: For 501c3 organizations see fee schedule to determine the fee and enter it below.
Non profit members join at the same levels as business memberships with a 20% discount.

Community Member: Individual membership is for community members that love what we do and would like to be involved even though they don't represent a business.

Individual: $75.00

Sustaining Memberships:
Sustaining Memberships are for businesses, organizations or government entities that love what we do and want to show their support. In exchange for the additional support they receive discounted access to programming and additional promotion on our website, publications and events.

Supporting Member: $2,500.00

Champion Membership: $4,999.00

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